The Current State of Things.

So I finally decided to get this site up and running. This site was planned to be a place where I could share my thought about the state of certain things. A central information hub, where people with similar interests can enjoy some handpicked content in the day and age of a noisy internet.

My unique perspective is what I hope will bring value to at least some people reading this. As for what you can expect popping up on this site:

  • Swimming and Sports related articles. Tips for both swimmers, coaches, and parents. I also recommend swimswam and The Race Club for further swimming related news and resources.
  • Techy articles for sure. I’m mostly interested in everything consumer tech, energy, transportation, general software, AI and computer hardware. (I’m definitely going to address this Apple vs Android/pc issue one day)
  • Cars. Because who doesn’t love cars. Especially fast, high tech, over-the-top cars.
  • Reviews of products I’ve used will come. I’ll try to make them unique.
  • Videos may be produced if it’s meaningful. I have a youtube channel, but that’s mostly for personal use at the moment. I wouldn’t see myself as a youtube anytime soon.
  • Anything else that might be of interest in the exciting future. I’ll try to stay away from politics and relatively controversial issues that aren’t valuable to discuss.

So that’s what you can expect. My name is William (as you could’ve guessed by the address). I’m soon 20 yrs old, live in Norway, work as a parttime swim coach, do programming and I’m on my last year of study before university. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you around!

– W

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